Our Journey

What do you get when you have a handful of passionate driven individuals with a desire to implement best practice standards from a assertively cultural perspective, in a business environment free from managerialism, and other socio-political constraints, where innovation is given free reign, and where attention to detail in the process of individualising services to suit individualised with complex needs can extend “beyond the rhetoric” into practice standards strategically and systematically build into the policy and guideline documents underpinning service delivery? – pause for a breath – Nganana Inc

This was essentially the questioning we went through that kicked off this journey; two of us initially, soon growing into a core group.  We had “been there and done that” with regard to delivering quality services to individuals in need.  But we wanted something more.  We wanted an organisation that itself supported social innovation within service delivery, that would drive change politically on behalf of service users, and that would be truly inclusive throughout the organisation, at all levels.

We are a new start-up, building our organisation, our culture, and our model of delivering services from the ground up.  We have applied for NDIS registration and are currently at the audit stage.  Within weeks we anticipate the auditing stage complete and transition planning to begin.