Aboriginal Specific Services

Aboriginal Specific Services

Nganana Inc. has, within it’s founders and board members, an extraordinarily high level of expertise and experience delivering services within a cultural context for Aboriginal people.

Service Delivery within the context of a culture different from the one producing the models and structures around which the services being delivered can result in systemic arrangements that may lead to disadvantage or compromised outcomes.  Put simply, a scenario wherein some of the design of the service is culturally “lost in translation”.

Nganana Aboriginal Specific Services seeks to overcome these barriers.  The following service types have been conceptualised, modelled and trialled.  Nganana has further developed these ideas into the follow services:

1.  Aboriginal Family Support Coordination

This is a new service developed by Nganana that acknowledges the fundamental cultural value and strategic importance family, kin and community plays as a protective value in the lives of Aboriginal people living with complex psychosocial support needs.


2.  Aboriginal Elder Mentoring

Is a counselling service for Aboriginal men with psychosocial support needs and criminal justice history to address identity, culture, grief, loss, and future direction.


3.  Return to Lands

This is a unique service for Aboriginal participants from the Aṉangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands of remote central Australia.  Firstly Nganana is seeking to have the required resources deemed reasonable and necessary within the NDIS support planning process for Traditional Aboriginal service users to return to lands twice annually.  Secondly Nganana has developed cost effective Return To Lands programs that build on capability of the participant and the community to which they are returning.